Now for all you millennials with attitude, chances are you owned or wanted a Motorola RAZR, specifically in pink. After a sharp sarcasm loaded ‘whatever’ arguments could be won with a quick slap of the phone and voila, conversation over.

Samsung is taking us back to the days when touchscreens had yet to takeover and buttons were still a thing. If you miss that era, you’ll be happy to know Samsung is bringing the flip phone back with its Galaxy Folder 2.

Available in that RAZR pink or black, the Galaxy Folder 2 combines the new with the old by offering a phone that has a physical keyboard and nostalgic design with smartphone functionality. The phone itself additionally has a 3.8-inch display and a removable battery, plus supports social media apps while running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

The Galaxy Folder 2 is releasing in South Korea for ₩297,000 KRW (approximately $260 USD), but stay tuned to see whether it’ll be available worldwide soon.