It has just been announced that after twenty years of being everyone’s favorite Parisian fashion store, Colette is set to close. The company has put forward this statement below:


As all good things must come to an end, after twenty wonderful years, colette should be closing its doors on December 20th of this year.

Colette Roussaux has reached the time when she would like to take her time; and colette cannot exist without Colette.

Negotiations are under way with Saint Laurent and we would be proud to have a Brand with such a history, with whom we have frequently collaborated, taking over our address. We are happy of the serious interest expressed by Saint Laurent in this project, and it could also represent a very good opportunity for our employees.

Until our last day, nothing will change. colette will continue to renew itself each week with exclusive collaborations and offerings, also available on our website

We thank you for your support and see you soon at colette–until December 20th!



We advise you to shop your hearts out and get your hands on all the exclusive collaboration pieces you can before they close in December, including the H&M Studio x Colette collection which is set to drop in August.