Dolce & Gabbana Logo Tee

You just have to look at Dolce and Gabbana runway show or campaign image to know its respective founders Domenico and Stefano are fuelled by their Italian heritage – and have a wicked sense of humour.

So little surprise the pair has won the ultimate game of fashion ‘can’t beat ‘em so join ‘em’, with the release of a new range of scandalous white cotton tees for Spring/Summer 2017 off the back of their epic Alta Moda fashion extravaganza held in Naples this July. So coveted were tickets to the event and widespread the buzz even outside fashion circles, a wave of fake tourist T-shirts related to the show were spotted on Naples’ streets during and after the event, the most popular emblazoned with the cheeky claim, Io C’ero (I was there – in reference to the runway show) and stamped with the D&G motif. How did the brand’s ingenious founders respond? By reclaiming the oversized white logo T-shirt as their own and sending 91 models down their SS17 catwalk in Milan months later in oversized white ‘bianca’ tees emblazoned with the words “I was there” in multiple languages. Each tee was embellished with a variety of red roses, white poppies and purple daisies, along with a spray of sparkling crystals and satin because – after all – a tee can’t just be a plan tee for D&G.


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