Decorte is a Japan-based beauty brand that claims to be the biggest in the country, appealing to the beauty and skin-obsessed clientele of Asia. Its vitamin-rich infusions and attention to the latest in antiaging ingredients and technology have made it a ubiquitous line throughout the Asian continent, with the sleek silver-and-black packaging peppering stores abroad such as Isetan and Takashimaya. Luckily for us we can find the cult products at Saks.

Part of the magic in these potions is the use of not just any water, but Onsen water derived from Japan’s hot springs. Also, something called Aqueous Algin-Mesh acts as a cushiony, breathable barrier on the skin, protecting it from environmental irritants.

Kate Moss has been the face of the brand for a couple of years now, which speaks volumes. If you’re an avid Mossy fan, you know she only backs labels she firmly believes in.

Find all of Kate’s favorites in the Decorté range HERE and watch the stunning video directed by Mario Testino below.