DECEMBER NINETEEN is created by a fashion stylist with a background in interior design. Originally from Denmark, Linda Bruun Lacin brings Scandinavian chic to the Middle Eastern market. The brand promise? High quality wardrobe essentials at affordable prices.


White, beige and deep grey are the colours for the designer’s palette. Without the usual embellishments or Middle Eastern bling, the per simplicity of the design and the amazing quality of fabrics sourced in Portugal are the real points of interesting this collection.


As Linda says, “Dubai has what Copenhagen is lacking and vice versa. Besides the fact that the sun is always shining in Dubai, which is good for my soul, it also has so many extremely beautiful elements that inspire me”.


Inspired by the old Middle East traditions and Bedouin culture, Linda takes these unpolished elements and implements them in her design pieces, in her own Scandinavian, minimalistic way.


Just look at the long duster coat, which Linda marks as a ‘must-have’ for the Summer.

DECEMBER NINETEEN arrives in Dubai stores on… Try to guess… Yes, December 19 2017. We have this one marked on our diaries!


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