Ground Control to Major Tom…

Five years after it began in London, the historic “David Bowie Is” makes its last stop at the Brooklyn Museum, where it runs from March 2nd to July 15th.

“David Bowie Is,” is part rock concert, part fashion show and part film retrospective. It’s a dazzling and comprehensive celebration of a singular artist’s legacy, which tracks Bowie’s evolution from the Brixton, London, boy known as David Robert Jones to Major Tom, Ziggy Stardust and beyond.

The exhibit is arranged in 26 sections that are grouped thematically. Three areas at the front of the exhibit centering on his early creative influences give way to others devoted to classic albums and songs such as “Life on Mars?,” “Diamond Dogs” and “Rebel Rebel.” Visitors will receive Sennheiser headphones that keep them on course and play everything from songs to commentary from Bowie as they traverse the galleries.

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