After a bunch of negative chatter for using shoe label Crocs in his last collection, Christopher Kane is still trying to make it a thing (insert face palm here).

This Pre-Fall collection includes strong silhouettes, polished cuts such as elongated blazers and pleated long skirts, the pieces still retain a youthful edge. In addition to the use of bold, recognizable motifs such as flowers and happy faces, modernist-inspired sketches are found on floor-length dresses and long coats.

christopher-kane-2017-pre-fall-1 christopher-kane-2017-pre-fall-2 christopher-kane-2017-pre-fall-3 christopher-kane-2017-pre-fall-4 christopher-kane-2017-pre-fall-5 christopher-kane-2017-pre-fall-6 christopher-kane-2017-pre-fall-7 christopher-kane-2017-pre-fall-8 christopher-kane-2017-pre-fall-10 christopher-kane-2017-pre-fall-12 christopher-kane-2017-pre-fall-14 christopher-kane-2017-pre-fall-15