Lucia Pica, Chanel‘s global creative make-up and colour designer, says she took the road trip because “I wanted to make my own mood board, to be inspired by what is happening in the moment.”  And to “…experience afresh the lights and colours of the outside world… from the dawn mists and sun dappled coastline to the city lights and gritty noir of downtown LA.”

640-chanel-eyes-travel-diary 640-chanel-palette-travel-diary

Each piece in the collection is inspired by the colours Pica saw on the trip, “I’m so passionate about each colour…I care so much and I think it’s important that vibrancy comes through.”  For the ‘road movie’ eyeshadow palette, a quad of green-blue, copper, stone beige and dark blue-green, Pica says “…there was the sea, with the sun coming from one side to create this beautiful coppery gold, and then this lighter, brighter blue and a darker blue, and the pavement looked this beautiful beige…it was an obvious palette. It was just right in front of me; I couldn’t escape.”

640-chanel-eye-shadow-quad-travel-diary 640-chanel-lips-travel-diary

The collection includes two single crème eyeshadows, two ‘les 4 ombres’ eyeshadow palettes, a liquid eyeliner, two nail colours, four lipsticks, two glosses, waterproof eyebrow pencils, three brushes and the centrepiece of the collection – the ‘palette essentielle’ – a three-in-one palette with a creamy concealer, highlighter and blush (which can be used on lips as well as cheeks). The palette essentielle comes in three shades and is “the idea of effortlessness in beauty.”

640-chanel-eyes-1-travel-diary 640-chanel-eye-quad-travel-diary

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