When you are a world class jet-setter, fashion consultant, and your life has always been about creating stories; it’s only normal that your next step would be about creating something suitable for daily use. Eight years in the making, a labor of love that has been intimate and different, Carine Roitfeld released her secret venture: “7 Lovers” Parfums. The former French Vogue editor and founder of CR Fashion Book is now part of the 70 billion dollar market – the luxury fragrance industry. But she’s bringing a personalized and relatable experience to it, in collaboration with famous perfumers: Aurélien Guichard, Pascal Gaurin and Yann Vasnier.

“George” campaign shot in London 

Inspired by her favorite cities and let us add that they are the most fascinating and major cities in the world. “7 Lovers” is the story of seven real and imagined lovers that Roitfeld thought about while drinking tea in bed. These cities are places that have evoked unforgettable memories for her, so naturally, Roitfeld named each perfume after a male “lover” who embodies the vibe, and feelings associated with these major parts of the world. The first scent Aurélien is opulent and warm and is inspired by an unforgettable love affair in Paris, which is Carine’s home. Orson, on the other hand, has a sweet and soft base, is floral rather than spicy like Aurélien and is from New York, Roitfeld’s favorite American city. With ballet dancers in mind, the sound of Tchaikovsky, the Russian city, St Petersburg is where she has the fondest memories of her family travels. So the Vladimir perfume represents her heritage but is also her son’s name.

For the three-decade reigning stylist, and ultimate French IT girl, perfume is the most defining signature accessory someone can have, something you can wear with everything. And that’s why she made it a point to create fragrances that were genderless and mixable with one another. “It’s all about how you mix the ingredients and scents to create a balance”. Telling stories has always been something that Roitfeld has done throughout her career, writing about perfumes, has always been difficult to describe especially to people that have not smelled it so making it a tale of passion was, in fact, a smart way to launch this new series of fragrance. Roitfeld named Kar-Wai after the film director Wong Kar Wei and incorporates the spirit of the dark streets and neon lights of Hong-Kong. Sebastian has a spicy and woodsy scent and is a fictional Argentinian from Buenos Aires with whom Roitfeld would dance the tango with.

All the perfumes are of high-quality natural ingredients and are meant to react to the skin to create a truly personal aroma. As of May 12th, all the of the  7 Lovers Parfums are available exclusively on net-a-porter.com and range from 75$ to 285$. As Roitfeld mentionned on Forbes perfumes are “the best way to remember people and is a smell you never forget it”.

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