What’s in a name?!

Byredo is launching their 10 year anniversary fragrance on September 15, and it’s nameless – at least until you buy it. Then you choose what to call it. “The names of the Byredo fragrances often describe the origin of an idea, a thought that leads to a brief presented to the perfumer. With fragrance being completely subjective these names spark the imagination of the perfumer and finally the customer. They each experience the fragrance even before they smell the ingredients in the bottle. We still find it fascinating that people interpret our fragrances in so many ways. To celebrate Byredo’s 10 year anniversary we created an unnamed fragrance that allows our customers to choose a name meaningful to them, and customize the label of their bottle.” Ben Gorham explains.

You will receive a set of letters printed in the brand’s typography – but maybe even more interesting is to use your own handwriting or let somebody you love draw something. We love the idea! To complete the anniversary event, Byredo has unveiled an accompanying website UnnamedPerfume, on which you can play around with naming your own fragrance and even creating an accompanying campaign. The website scrolls into infinity with shared creations, which combined create a sort of public art space online.