Brunch del MATTO: Il Weekend Italiano, serves a variety of Italian home-cooked dishes. At only AED 150 per person and with complimentary meals for children under six, MATTO’s brunch proves that authentic Italian food can be full of flavor and crafted with passion, without breaking the bank.

Allowing guests to enjoy a variety of a la carte items served straight to their table, MATTO’s brunch offers antipasti, followed by a range of pizzas (All you can eat FYI), pastas and risotto served in a parmesan wheel. Things end on a sweeter note, with all time Italian favorite desserts. The brunch menu options also offer some of Italy’s greatest beverage exports along with bubbles, sangria and grapes at very exclusive rates.

This is one of the few brunches in Dubai we have found that is quite sophisticated in it’s surroundings and offers you very high quality dishes as apposed to others which on the scene that are more party influenced.

“Brunch del MATTO was born with the ultimate goal of spreading the ‘MATTO’ way of life with our guests”, said Christian Carrieri, MATTO’s Executive Chef. “A true culinary experience, coupled with a side of mischief, our unordinary brunch is set to take you on a journey to Italy, one bite at a time”.

For an incredible authentic Italian experience and cuisine, Brunch Del Matto is a must try on your brunch hitlist.

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