Bedouin invites their tribe to indulge in carefree luxury, be bold and shine with their latest AW 17 collection – CARPE NOCTEM (meaning Live By The Night). Designer Andraya Farrag wanted to look at the earth as a whole, to encourage unity and humans as part of one tribe. Rather than focusing on one aspect, Andraya celebrates the diversity of the planet and the magic that surrounds it.

The collection is inspired by the vast galaxies and the magic they hold. Metallic jacquards and sequined tulles resemble striking skies, while luxurious velvets and textured wool represents the earth. CARPE NOCTEM has something for every dreamer, wanderer and explorer. Each piece created with the world traveler in mind, allows the wearer to effortlessly transform each item to suit her surroundings. With hems falling at ankle length, the eveningwear can be styled with an elegant pair of heels or trainers for the edgy street style look.

Influenced by the elements, the color palette varies from rich earthy tones like burnt sienna and rust, vibrant copper and soft blush pinks to cool icy blues and white. The collection has been created from contrasting textures like rich silk velvet, futuristic embellishments and furry textured wool.

The collection allows the Bedouin woman to embrace the elements of the universe through what she wears. From oversized Bomber Jackets and Parkas adorned with bold text embroidery reading STAY WILD MOON CHILD and NON DESISTAS NON EXEIRIS (meaning don’t give up, don’t surrender) to feminine yet edgy sheer sequined dresses, AW17 presents a world of juxtapositions. Keeping in mind the true Bedouin spirit where women easily slot the items into their wardrobes and adapt them to their personal style, Andraya created the SUPERSONIC Dress that can be worn two ways either as a wrap over or as a one-shoulder. CARPE NOCTEM is all about evoking a strong, yet positive message rewinding to the late 80’s early 90’s while taking note of astrology, the planet and the solar system.

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