I know you may have your perfect hairdresser however I have been living in Dubai for 11 years and are yet to find my go-to place.
Besides the day to day damage inflicted on my hair because of the desalinated water the air conditioning wreaks havoc on my dry tresses – did I mention I am also bearing a crown of blonde highlights?
So needless to say, I cut my hair as little as possible and colour as required, being generally fearful of visiting the hairdresser.

I come from Sydney where we are literally spoiled for choice for well trained cutting edge colourists and stylists. The hair industry is so well developed that some hairdressers make more than lawyers!

I won’t say I was skeptical because I was actually very excited to learn that Mike Alam was only in his 20s – I am a believer in Millennial talent – and also to learn that he has coloured and cut the likes of Huda Kattan, Carla Di Bello and Shereen Mitwalli.

He is young, fresh thinking and confident. Clearly very well trained to the standards I am used to from international salons and has a clear opinion of what will actually suit me and had a plan to protect my hair as it was colored and treated moving forward.

My experience at Mike and Jack was a real break through. The family-owned and operated salon is definitely on a different level to the usual Dubai salon and they are on the rise – keen your eye on these boys and get an appointment if you can.

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Call the salon on 04 388 1111

Mike Alam with Huda Kattan


Hair transformations on Carla Di Bello and Diala Makki by Mike Alam


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