Beauty is In!


All the cool girls love Glossier; so naturally, I want to love it too. But seriously, what’s not to love? Simple products that focus on skin… Listen up ladies, there is a skin revolution… Bare skin is in, haven’t you heard? Don’t be distracted by the pink bubble gum accents, funky stickers, and that inimitable coolness that Into the Gloss introduced to the beauty scene 5 years ago. It was inevitable that Emily Weiss would take a leap into producing beauty products, but what’s different here is that she didn’t partner with a giant cosmetics company or start an elaborate advertising campaign. She simply turned to Instagram to introduce her creation and finding her way into our hearts and faces. The 29-year-old entrepreneur and founder of beloved beauty bible Into the Gloss, introduced her new brand Glossier with a series of posts on social media via her own account and her friends’, don’t forget that “her friends” are the most influential girls in the business, they basically rule the world. The products are wrapped with cute, bubble letter zip lock bag and come with stickers for personalizing the cheeky yet sophisticated pink and white bottles. To prepare Ms. Weiss gathered and printed hundreds of images that inspired the brand, including a shot from the movie Clueless, and combined them with photos she took; and the result is a modern brand with modern branding through years of snooping into The Top Shelf of the coolest women in the world. The Glossier swag also includes stickers, lighters, and sweatshirts. Glossier just a year a few weeks ago… To celebrate, I’m stocking on boxes upon boxes of Balm Dotcom from Net-a-porter, a universal skin salve that comes in three perfectly-sized tubes – one for your handbag, one for your desk and one for your bedside table. I can’t wait for that I just woke up looking like this look to kick in!

By Felwa AlHudaithy