You can never, ever go wrong with good classic pieces. The wise will tell you its quality over quantity. Online store, Basics Department knows this and gives us everything we need and more, supply & demand baby.

“You can’t go wrong with a timeless, classic wardrobe,” says Basic Department’s founder, Dana Edmunds. “An envied wardrobe will not just carry the latest collection, but also carry a series of crisp shirts, a collection of silk pieces and a classic tailored pant. Not only it is cost effective but reduces wastage for the environment.?”

Something wonderful and unique Basics Department are offering is personalized embroidery/monogramming on limited products including Anna Quan shirts, Masini & Chern pyjama sets and denim jackets.

The Basics Department ships worldwide (yay) to provide undisrupted access to its collection year-round, independent of trends and seasons.

Peek their Instagram account here for outfit and purchase inspiration.