You would never expect skin care to be so artistic! To mark the 30th anniversary of its Caviar line, La Prairie has partnered with contemporary artists to create works inspired by its unique technology. The result of this collaboration is the exhibition “The Art of Caviar” which is travelling now all around the world. Basel, New York, Shanghai and Paris are in the list.

Among the artists collaborating with the iconic beauty brand are Paul Coudamy with his pieces Living Cells and Solid Frequencies, Bonjour Lab’s digital work Moving Ppixel, an audiovisual installation by TremensS and Cinq Fruits photography series.

The installation made by Cinq Fruits brings art and science together and includes five abstract images representing the cause-effect link between electricity and chemistry at the cellular level. They evoke, in essence, the potential for action.

Using La Prairie’s brand codes, including graphite grey, cobalt blue and gold, the images celebrate the brand’s eternal quest for indulgence and timeless beauty through the iconic Skin Caviar Luxe Cream and Luxe Cream Sheer. The brand’s artistic sensibilities are highlighted in the composition. From textures to packaging, La Prairie products are crafted as objects of design, the artistic dimension guiding the creation of each of the product’s facets. The iconic cobalt blue packaging of the Skin Caviar Collection takes inspiration from contemporary sculpture and architecture.

Inspired by the Weaire-Phelan structure, a mathematical formula of a complex three-dimensional form representing foam bubbles of equal size, “Living Cells” artwork by Paul Coudamy plays with the concept of volume.

Composed of lustrous black magnetised marbles – reminiscent of caviar – which colonise the steel structure in clusters, the installation’s form is in constant flux.  The magnetic tension between the marbles themselves and between the marbles and the structure generates an organic and ever-changing distribution. The small spheres spread like a living entity over a static skeleton, constantly shifting – producing new, unique forms each time the installation is assembled.

Catherine Deneuve, Dita Von Teese and Zac Posen are among those who have already seen “Art of Caviar” when the exhibition was presented in New York and Paris. The next stops for the tour are Hong Kong and Shanghai!


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