Based on Andy Warhol, the master of Pop Art’s iconic 1966 film Chelsea Girls,  a new title from Art Book and The Andy Warhol Foundation: Andy Warhol’s Chelsea Girls will document the wild and creative debauchery that occurred at his legendary Factory. Featuring high-quality digitized stills from the film, unpublished transcripts, and other archival footage, the book also includes stunning snapshots of original It-girls/Warhol Superstars like Edie Sedgewick, Nico (of the Velvet Underground), Ondine, Mary Woronov, and Brigid Berlin. Edited with text by curator of film and video at the Andy Warhol Museum Geralyn Huxley, it also features an essay by film director Gus Van Sant.

Andy Warhol’s Chelsea Girls is available April 24, 2018.

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