Suit by Iris & Ink, top by Etro

We meet ABLA SOFY – model, stylist, actress and fashion blogger. Young, smart and ready to take on Hollywood … and the Middle East.

How do you introduce yourself?
Hiiii it’s Abla Sofy, stylist, model, blogger and actress.
Why are you relevant right now?
I am relevant right now because I’ve been involved in many project that are big in the entertainment industry all over the world. The video I starred in has already been seen by 100 million people – and that’s in only 2 months. I styled one of the biggest campaigns for Guess starring Hailey Baldwin  and now I’m also working with some of the biggest bloggers in the world.
Suit by Iris & Ink, top by Etro
How do you distinguish yourself from your peers?
I think because today there’s no limits in the world. You can multitask your career and be international so easily because of social media. When I am on a job I can pretty much be everything, from the model to the stylist. I can also address everybody to my social media channels – I can promote any project I’m working through my instagram. I’m not specific to a city or a country – I work internationally.
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Best moment in 2017?
My best moment in 2017 is for sure RedOne’s video “Boom Boom”. I had so much fun acting in it and styling all the cast – was so happy that we shot in Morocco, my country.
Full look by Etro
What are your top 3 career highs?
Working with Hailey Baldwin
Working on RedOne’s music video, “Boom Boom”
Working as the right hand of the owner of Guess, Mr Paul Marciano
How do you keen your confidence intact?
I always keep my confidence intact by staying focused on my goals and don’t let anything scare me or make me doubt myself.

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What’s your favorite social channel?
What kind of music gets you inspired?
Arabic and Latino music.
What’s coming up for you in 2018?
Lots! Big styling campaigns and TV appearances.
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How do you get out your creative frustrations?
Normally I try to just look through current magazines and draw or narrow down my inspirations because when I’m frustrated it’s usually from too many ideas in my head.
What do you do every day that’s the most important part of your routine?
I always take 30 minutes of my day to go on internet and search about anything new in fashion in the world!
Suit by Iris & Ink
Which country do you call home?
What’s your life motto?
A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievements. Because I believe that the only way to reach your goals is to go for them.

Full look by Etro
Top social accounts you think we should be watching?
Chiara Ferragni, Camilla Coelho and Amy Song –  these are my favorites.
Last app you downloaded?
KiraKira – the app that makes your outfit shine. Love it.

Full look by Etro
Where can we follow you?
You can follow me on my instagram @ablasofy
Photographer – Ayaad Damouni at D the Agency
Fashion Director – Meredith Damouni at D the Agency
Hair and makeup by Nicol at D the Agency
Special thanks for Z7 Communications
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