You recently relaunched R.A.P London at SOLEDXB, Tell us a little about the label and what inspired you to start designing again.

My R.A.P label I started as a shop in 1984, then I started to design just after. The label was born from what was going on on London for friends as we didn’t have anyone designing stuff we wanted to wear. London was changing from all the influences from food, art and design. R.A.P was also a part of this. The SOLEDXB guys found about about my label and thought it would be a good idea to do this project together, to get Cadillac to sponsor it and launch it in Dubai along side SOLEDXB. It all happened naturally.

Are there any other labels that you find exceptionally creative and push the boundaries of art & fashion?

Amine Bendrouich and Zak Ove, who are friends of mine.

What were your most recent projects and what do you have in the pipeline?

My solo show at La Mamounia Hotel in Marrakesh and solo show at Colette Store in Paris. I am currently trying to raise money to do another film, a project to shoot over in the States and lost of other shoots.

What has been your greatest achievement to date?

Having my kids and getting a medal from the Moroccan King.

What can we see from you in 2017 and any plans to visit Dubai?

In the pipeline I will be showing my film documentary ‘A Day In The Life of Karima a Henna Girl’. It will be showing at Cinema Akil in Dubai on the 10th of February. A solo show in New York at the Taymour Grahne Gallery on the 1st of May, 3 group shows in Paris and Lille, another solo show in December with L’Ateler 21 and a group show in Australia at the end of December.

Catch Hassan’s documentary when it shows at Cinema Akil in February. Call 055 760 9260 or email

You can find Hassan Hajjan‘s work at the Third Line Gallery in Alserkal Avenue

Interview by Tara Ellis