Fashion and Beauty photographer Dirk Bader started his career as apprentice to legendary photographer David LaChappelle and continued to work with the likes of Peter Lindbergh, Albert Watson and Patrick Demarchelier. Collaborating with influential magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Noise, Vision and Cosmopolitan.

Dirk was recently with us in the Capital D Studio where we probed him with a few questions… 

What is your favourite location in the world that your job has taken you?

I always love working in Paris because I just love the city and of course New York because
I spend some amazing years there. The most impressive location though was Kerala in India.
I shot there for Indian Harper’s Bazaar.

What elements are needed for your idea of the perfect shot?

Actually the thing is that all elements are equally important for a great result.
It all starts with a great concept of course. After that all the elements of model casting,
location scouting, styling, hair/makeup, post production down to the printing matter.
If you compromise with one of the elements you start compromising on the quality.

If you weren’t a photographer, what other career path would you have followed?

I studied communication design in Germany and the plan was originally to have my own agency.

If you could put together an on set dream team including models, stylist and magazine to feature in.. Who would they be?

This is a hard question actually. I think I work and worked with really great teams over the years.
There is always a human aspect in putting a team together as well. Which means: do you get along,
do you share the same visual ideas etc. The most famous artist is not necessarily the best choice
for the team. I got to work with some amazing artists during my time at LaChapelle, Lindbergh etc.
and I would love to work with some of these guys again for both, their personality and reputation.
For hair that would be Laurent Philippon, for Makeup Tyron Machhausen and Styling Patty Wilson
with Lara Stone as model for Italian Vogue. Still working on that though.. 😉

When you’re not behind the camera, where can we find you?

I spend a lot of my free time with my family. We love hiking/skiing in the alps for example.
But I am also the coach of my son’s soccer team when I am home which is a lot of fun and keeps
me in shape as well 🙂
Interview by Tara Ellis