1. “It should take you exactly four seconds to cross from here to that door. I’ll give you two.”
  2. “I’ll tell you one thing, Fred, darling… I’d marry you for your money in a minute. Would you marry me for my money?… In a minute.” (Awkward pause.) “I guess it’s pretty lucky neither of us is rich, huh?” (Second, and far longer awkward pause.) “…Yeah.”
  3. “I love you.” “…So what?” “…So what? So plenty!”
  4. “I’ll never get used to anything. Anybody that does, they might as well be dead.”
  5. “Anyone who ever gave you confidence, you owe them a lot.”
  6. “What do you do, anyway?” “…I’m a writer, I guess.”
  7. “I’m like cat here, a no-name slob. We belong to nobody, and nobody belongs to us. We don’t even belong to each other.”
  8. “Promise me one thing: don’t take me home until I’m drunk — very drunk indeed.”
  9. “Portuguese, a very complicated language, darling. Four thousand irregular verbs.”
  10. “…We don’t belong to each other. We just took up one day by the river.”
  11. “Let me make one thing clear. I am not now — nor have I ever been — named ‘Fred.'”
  12. “Thursday? Oh no, it can’t be!  It’s too gruesome.”
  13. “Hand me my purse, will you, darling? A girl can’t read that sort of thing… with… without her lipstick.”
  14. “And I always heard people in New York never get to know their neighbors.”
  15. “Simply do not ask me what this is all about.” (Waves hand wildly.) “Parce que je ne sais pas, mes chers.
  16. “If we’re going to be friends let’s get one thing straight right now. I hate snoops!”
  17. “There are certain shades of limelight that can wreck a girl’s complexion.”
  18. “No matter where you run, you just end up running into yourself.”
  19. “Oh, cat.”
  20. (Moon River’ theme plays.)