African braids, English curls, Russian dolls, and Indian folklore – all these elements you could find infused in paintings of French street artist Koralie, who inspired Mira Hayek for her FW 17/18 collection with a curious title ‘12:01’. A Lebanese designer mixed pieces such as the Kimono, the Poncho and the Abaya in a contemporary sportswear collection.

The title ‘12:01’ dedicated to give the choice between night and day and ushers magic into the daily routines through the explosion of exaggerated details and sumptuous patterns.

The free-forms of Koralie are replicated in the collection through voluminous and organic cuts, and in the form of lotus flowers and natural elements used as embellishments on the garments. The graphical and symmetrical traces seen in the art of Koralie are also strongly visible in the collection through embossed stitching and multi-colored pipping.

The palette oozes a combination of bold and tender colors; black, off white, red, plum, pine green and dust pink. Carefully chosen to embody the elegance and grace of the geishas and her surroundings. The fabrics in this collection consists of delicate crepe, laser and hand-cut winter jersey, capitone fabric, shimmer textured fabric in addition to fine stitching details across most of the dresses and outerwear – the key element in the collection. This season, Mira reintroduces flared pants, reversible pieces and over-sized silhouettes, the signature attributes of the sportswear brand.

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