Based in Dubai of Iraqi origin, Dina Zaki is a contemporary luxury fashion brand spearheaded by entrepreneur, designer and creative director, Dina Zaki. Launched in the city from which she draws her creative inspiration, the dynamic brand started as a limited-edition collection and has developed exponentially over time. 

Photo: Ania Skorek

What are your best summer memories?

My favourite memories are always taking a short trip away from the city, with the company of my loved ones. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful and very supportive circle of friends and family and I always cherish time spent with them. Every summer, we go away for a couple of days – my husband, my sisters, my children and nieces and there’s nothing in the world better than spending some quiet time with them.

What collection are you working on now?

I’m constantly designing several capsule collections that launch through the year and I’m currently focussed on launching my late-winter collection and unveiling a new range of bags under my label.

If you were not a designer, what would you be doing?

Ever since I was young, I’ve always been passionate about aesthetics and things that please the eye. If I wasn’t a fashion designer, I’d definitely be into interiors and home décor. I’m always on the look out for gorgeous vases and elaborate rugs for my own home and I love gifting my friends little pieces that I collect while travelling – it is definitely something I would consider, if I wasn’t designing my own label.

What was the first piece you designed?

It was sometime in 2013, even before I actually launched my brand, I was to attend my niece’s graduation and envisioned myself in a gorgeous burgundy ruffled skirt and for me, once it’s in my head and I know that its exactly what I want, I will never settle for less. So that’s pretty much how it started, I went up to a tailor and sketched out what I wanted to wear for the ceremony and there it was, my very first design. Following that, I designed an outfit for a friend’s wedding and then people started asking me where I bought my gown from and then I created some designs for friends and then, late 2014 is when I decided that I’m going to launch my own line.

What clothes would you never wear?

The pyjama suit trend – I could never wrap my head around it. My style has always been very feminine and all my designs are always created keeping in mind a strong, independent woman. The pyjamas, I just don’t understand and frankly, I don’t think it’s stylish at all.

Photo: Ania Skorek

Which extreme sport would you never try?

Haha, all. I’ve never been one for extreme adrenaline sports.

What do you listen to (or sing) when you are alone in your car?

It’s usually the radio, I don’t have favourites. But, if you’re asking me about my playlist, it would be classical Middle Eastern music, very soothing to my ears.

What was the last gift you received?

It was a car from my husband because our family keeps expanding.

What do you do when you’re upset?

I’m a family person and whenever I’m upset or stressed I always set aside whatever I’m doing and spend time with them.  I strongly believe that a loving and supportive family and friends group is the answer for anything.

What is your favourite place in Dubai?

Downtown! The buildings, the lights – I absolutely love it! I have been here a while and I have seen the city grow from absolutely nothing to what it is today and I have to say Downtown Dubai is the heart of the city. Well, for me at least. The architecture is so edgy, so modern – in my opinion, that is what Dubai stands for and Downtown represents it perfectly.

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